Submit button not showing up on phone


I am have put a webform for people to fill out on my website but for some reason it does not show the submit button on the phone. It does show the submit button on the desktop.
Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Zach, That is a good question. Did you use the HTML/HTML (Unstyled)? If so you would want to review the coding. I would also test it using the Hosted URL if the Submit button shows then it’s definitely the code. If it’s not showing through the Hosted URL you should reach out to Support.

*Does the Submit button show on a Desktop?

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This sounds more like a CSS matter than the button not actually getting created. In other words, it is not responding to the different viewport size and is actually “off screen” somewhere.

I wouldn’t be surprised considering it is on a landing page on WordPress. Thanks for the help. I found a workaround. Just going to link the URL to infusionsoft web form and scrap the landing page. Less of a headache.

Thanks again!

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