WordPress Form Issues

Hi Folks. I created a campaign with my tech adviser and got the form created. I loaded it into Wordpress as a new form and it shows up. Problems are: I have two submit buttons. One from my Webform I created in Infusion, and the other is from WordPress website. Did I put the HTML code in the wrong place?

  1. The email did not send as it was supposed to. Ran a dozen tests, unpublished and republished.

Any guidance is welcome.


Hi Dagmar,

Do you have a link to the page with the issue?


I figured it out. In case it helps others, in Wordpress do not use the “FORMS” option but go to the page and highlight ‘code’ paste the html link there. If you put in in the form, it won’t work.

I’m still playing to ensure the actions will work after but I’m confident I get that too Thanks.


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