Escape codes to import multiple lines to Contact Notes field?

I am importing Notes from an external database into the Person Notes field in Infusionsoft via .csv.

I need to know what escape codes I can insert into the string in the .csv so that when the text is imported into the Person Notes field in Infusionsoft, it comes in and is displayed like:

instead of:
line1 line2 line3

I’ve tried \r, \n, and several variations of < br >, but everything imports literally, e.g.: line1\rline2\r\line3

Any ideas?

If I ALT + Enter in Excel, it creates a line break and then imports the line break correctly. Can you get your data into that format from the source data?

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I assumed that wouldn’t save to the .csv or import correctly, but it does.
Good to know; thanks for the help.

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Yeah, I believe what happens there is that the ‘shortcut key’ Alt-Enter actually inserts an ASCII character (#10) which is recognized as carriage return / line feed

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