Encoding for CSV export?


We’re exporting contacts to CSV for use in an internal web application, but any special characters (é, è, etc) are coming out wrong in the CSV… (as “,” and “Š”, respectively). They appear correctly within Infusionsoft.
Is this a bug on Infusionsoft’s side, and is there any known workaround? Has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks for any help!

Hi, @Bert_Joseph-Pare. I was just playing around with this and it worked for me. Are you still having an issue?


I’m pretty sure this depends on the tool you open it with. The CSV file format has no file encoding header, so your tool of choice is free to use whatever character encoding it wants to interpret the file (in my limited experience with character encoding problems, the program usually uses the platforms default character set). If it’s not the right one, you will get giberish. It may work on a mac, but not on windows, or work with google sheets and not on a desktop, etc… What did you use @martinc?


Windows/Exel. I also imported the CSV file to Google Sheets and that worked too.

If you`re still struggling the issue, try to export the records using Data2CRM service.
The SaaS will import all the fields putting each one of them into different CSV or Excel file and creating the connections between them. That means you will be able both to use it in an internal web application and to migrate the data to another CRM solution with the same relations between records as it was within Infusionsoft.

Also, a good news is that you can make the review on how your information will look like for free.
For that, migrate a limited amount of the real data from Infusonsoft to CSV or Excel files by running free Demo Migration.

Hope, it is a useful advice