Best way to import leads where husband and wife are on separate lines

My csv file has separate lines for the husband and the wife, but I’d prefer them be the same household in infs … best way to do that??

Hi @Liz_Miller.

This is something you will want to be real intentional about, in terms of the way that you are storing the data, and plan on using it.

Infusionsoft, is very contact-centric, and is designed for 1 contact per record. With that in mind, you have the ability to store other information in the contact records, and even create custom fields, to store information specific to your business / use of Infusionsoft.

In terms of your csv, the idea would be basic field matching. A specific field on your csv will need to populate the name, and the primary email, but you could match the column for the spouse to a different field in the record.

This may mean that you will need to organize your csv in a way to properly do this, because the field matching is very basic. Match a column from your spreadsheet, to a specific field in Infusionsoft, and the data will import.

Some of our other community members may have some other tips, in terms of best practice, when setting up a use of this nature, in Infusionsoft. I just wanted to kick off the conversation with some insight into the basics of an import of this nature.

Thanks James. I’m an insurance agent so having them organized by household is really the way I need the data, but my CSV has a row for each ‘insured’ - meaning I’d have to enter additional columns for the secondary contacts name and then manually move all of them in the CSV before importing …

Unless there’s a way to ‘match’ the secondary contact’s info by column data (i.e. the address) … really hoping this is the case!

You may find this helpful to combine data on one row.

Thanks for the helpful video…you may just want to put it into it’s own thread to share it though…this post is over three years ago :wink: