Can i import contacts from a spreadsheet?

Can I import contacts from an excel spreadsheet?

To import, you’d need to convert it to a csv file, @Tim_Guthrie_CFP.

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Here is a collection of articles that cover all you should need to know about importing contacts.

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Thanks. I did watch the video, afterwards snd imported about 500 contacts.

One new issue is most have the first and last names doubled:

Jim jim smith Smith

I think that is sn import issue. I plan on deleting and trying again, making sure nothing is double mapped.

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I’ve not seen that happen before except when the field was mapped to two infusionsoft fields on import.

Tim, there are 2 areas where you likely ran into issues. One is the spreadsheet and resulting csv and the other is the field matching when importing.

On the spreadsheet first make sure that you do not have multiple columns with the same header. Then (and I know this sounds silly, but it can happen depending on how big the spreadsheet is!) make sure you don’t have duplicate name columns on there. If nothing else on here works you might also want to try opening the csv in notepad to see exactly what it looks like, but can be difficult to read, especially if the spreadsheet it is based on is large. Also, if you haven’t already, I would HIGHLY recommend separating the first and last names into different columns on your spreadsheet before importing.

When importing there is a step where you match the fields (step 6 in the link that @martinc provided earlier). Make sure to pay close attention to that, especially the name fields. I have seen all kinds of things here you have the first name trying to map to the last name, etc.

As long as you follow those steps and pay close attention things should go smoothly. Good Luck!

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