Email links are not displayed as their actual link

Has anyone figured out how to alter the URLs in emails? Infusionsoft generates custom links, replaces our links, and then redirects back to ours. We are getting emails from customers asking why, when they hover over the links, they cannot see the actual names of the sites where they will be directed if they click them. The links look something like and this is very confusing to our subscribers. (The link above is an example and not a live link).

The links are that way to enable tracking. If it showed the actual site such as:, than there wouldn’t be a means to know who did or didn’t click.

I do not believe there is a way to change this within Infusionsoft. A few platforms allow users to set a sub domain for link tracking, but this does not appear to be an option at this time.

Hopefully a staff member can confirm for sure.

I was going through other emails I receive that use other email marketing software and I noticed every single one of them has a recognizable name added within their links. I was assuming Infusionsoft also offered something like this.

@Amy_Hill, very early app customers were able to choose their app name and that’s why you are seeing a recognizable name. As the number of customers grew, the ability to choose was stopped. Our app is 9 years old and that capability wasn’t even offered then. Hope that explains.

We would love to see this capability added in a future update.