Just found this when analysing spam

Your email contains a URL from infusionsoft.com listed in the URIBL greylist. This list contains domains found in Unsolicited Bulk Emails. It may include ESPs which allow customers to import their recipient lists and may have no control over the subscription methods.

Email service providers use a generic (default) tracking domain to track all the emails sent through its servers by its users. You can ask your email service provider whether or not you can white-label tracking links including unsubscribe and open tracking links. If not, you can use G-Lock Analytics that allows you to use a custom tracking domain and brand tracking links with your own domain.

Some advantages of using a custom tracking domain instead of the default one provided by the service provider are:

  1. White-labelling of tracking links can help you land in the inbox.
  2. A custom tracking domain will help create your own brand image with no ESP footprints.
  3. Your own custom tracking domain will allow you build your own sending reputation.
  4. Tracking links will be branded with your domain name which will make your subscribers much more confident in opening your emails and clicking links as they will be related to your brand.


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