Editing Email Templates

I created an email for a campaign, saved it as a template, then continued on in the campaign to use the template in a few other series.

However, there was a type-o in the template. How do I find where my templates are housed so I can edit the original copy?

I found, under the drop down menu, “Marketing” > “Templates” which gives a big list of templates saved there. But when I search for my template name it doesn’t come up. In fact, a bunch of my email templates aren’t there.
I can still choose the templates when building out the email element in a campaign, but I can’t edit the original template.

How do I do this?

The templates are in the Campaign and Broadcast area

Also, just as FYI, changing the template will not change the emails where you have used them - it will only change the template (be sure to save it again and delete the old one that had the typo).


Ah! Ok! That makes sense. Thanks, Jeff.

And yes, I figured as much. I have been editing the emails I plugged into the campaign. Glad you covered this base, though. Easy oversight to make…I’ve done this before many times. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff – I’f you’re still here: I’m new to Keap, getting my feet wet with Keap Classic To this question: I can find the three default templates that came with the package, but I have now created several templates of my own – and cannot find them to edit them (as per Ian_Cox’s question). Help!

The three default templates are typically under the ‘Marketing → Templates’ area — which are very old legacy (and being discontinued) HTML version emails.

They now have new ‘legacy’ emails and ‘new’ emails that you can find inside the campaign builder or under ‘Marketing → Email & Broadcasts’

If you created the email templates, 99% chance they are located there.

If you did a drag and drop from the left side to build (with limited options), those would be the new legacy emails.
If you did a drag and drop from the right side to build, those would be the ‘new’ emails.

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