Send Out Email Templated Created Under Template Tab

How do I send the email template I created under the “Template” tab?

Hi @Tracy_Price

This area of the application is where our older Legacy templates lived. You have the ability to pull those emails into individual emails that are sent via a contact’s record, or, you can attempt to convert the template in the email builder in the Broadcast section, or Campaign builder.

I am including a video I recorded in my application. I show creating a very basic campaign, to send an email. In the sequence, I pull in an email, and show where you can convert a ‘legacy template’ that you have created in the Templates tab. 2017-10-05_1501

When converting a template, please review the conversion, as you may need to make some manual format changes.

You may want to pivot and utilize the email builder in the Email & Broadcast, or in the Campaign Builder, to create templates in the future, as this builder is our current version, and the version under the Templates tab is our legacy version.

Hello James,

Am I correct that the features in the new template/email builder have been reduced? I can not use HTML or change background colors in the snippets/cells/boxes, correct???

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Essentially yes but you can use the new builder and just create a blank html that can be edited/built.

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