I can not find the Branding Center

I can not find the Branding Center. I need to change a templates verbiage.

It’s right here:

If you can’t see it, you may not have admin access to get there.

Hope that helps.


Thank you!
I do not have that selection, I only have “user”.
I will have to contact my Broker, perhaps? or Keap?

My broker set it up for me and he also put my signature in for me but… he added some " unnecessary characters" >
( xxxjjjjhhhrkkkkjdjklklfrjk) just to show me where to put my verbiage.
I need to get rid of the unnecessary characters
(xxxxxxhhjjjkklllkk), so I am not to having to delete them every time I want to send out an email or create a new template.

Email signatures are edited under your profile - not the branding center.
If you go to the very top black bar, there is a ‘contact’ icon - that should be where you edit your profile – and where you should be able to edit this info.