Can I clone an email in the Branding Center?

Is there a way to clone an email in the Branding Center? I would like to clone the email confirmation message if possible. We have multiple emails people can sign up for so when we want to send confirmation emails to those signing up, it would be great to have one confirmation email for each newsletter or other email type instead of having to edit this template each time.

If not, no big deal, but it would be a time-saver.


If you have access to “marketing - templates”, you can go into the default email there and at the bottom there is a ‘clone’ option.
You can clone it, then choose that from where you want to send.


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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your response. Is there a way to add a newly created email template to the Branding Center? If not I’ll create two new templates instead of one and keep them under Templates.


If you go to the branding center and click on the template you want to edit, you can then choose from the dropdown and choose from a template you already have chosen instead of rebuilding the one that is there.

You can only have one template for each type in the branding center, though.

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