Where do I go to change the Email Address Confirmed confirmation web page?

When I send an email to confirm a contact’s email address my contact clicks on a link in the email and that takes them to a web page that has our logo at the top and says “Email Address Confirmed”, but my logo is hella-huge and I want to reduce the size of it but I’m not sure where this is set-up.

Go under ‘admin - branding’ and you can adjust the default landing pages, emails, etc.

SB Certified Guide Sig.png

The Email Confirmation web page is not in the Branding Center.

I have the same question. I posted it in the FB group. If I hear back I will reply with an answer.

Hi Josh, I was able to figure it out. I went into the Branding Center and updated my default logo with a version that was 400x222 pixels and it updated the logo on the Email Confirmation Web Page. I hope that helps.

Hi Jeff, I actually had to update my default logo in the Branding Center. Thanks for your input.

I wanted to change the wording on the page. Glad you found how to change the logo. I think that is currently the only change allowable. Cheers.