E-signatures on a landing page

Is there a simple and easy way for an individual to enter information on a landing page and connect a e-signature.

Thank you

From what I have seen, you would need an e-signature integration service. This should allow you to set up a landing page to gather some information, and then direct the contact to an e-signature page, as the thank-you page, when they hit submit on the landing page.

I agree with James… The only way we have made it work is either through a thank you page, or by just sending them to an embedded web form. But it depends on the service you have. I know that Parsey has an integration directly to DocuSign. And that may offer other options.


Thanks for the feedback. I think I can make the thank you page work. It would be nice to be embedded, but I think this would work fine.

If it helps, Duane, we do just as James and Nancy suggest…a web form is submitted (in the case of our vertical, it’s the sales guys who fill it out on behalf of the prospect) and that triggers Parsey to merge the data into a pdf in Docusign. It’s automatically sent to the prospect and when signed or declined, a tag is added it their record which triggers other actions.

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