Legal document signature

I’m exploring alternatives to maintaining my website through which I currently provide credibility info (about, testimonials), and sell offline course/program registration, and online course purchase and delivery. For all, I currently have legal agreement as a final check out step, using approveme for the signature process.

One option I’m considering is using Infusionsoft landing page as my “credibility” section, and courses, essentially eliminating the need for a separate web site. And I know I can create automatic response emails after purchase that would link to legal documents.

But wondering does Infusionsoft have such a feature for signing legal documents?


Infusionsoft doesn’t have a native e-signature option, but there are several third party tools that can be integrated.

I know @Kelsey_Bratcher users PandaDoc and SignNow (connected through Zapier).

But a lot of people like the integration Parsey provides for Docusign.

Hope that helps!

To echo Greg, Parsey to Docusign (and back) is one of the ways that I’ve helped people in the past for situations such as this.

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