Generation of Contracts

Is it possible to generate a contract from a client’s file? Right now when we get a new client, we manually pull the information from InfusionSoft and paste it into an Adobe contract…I’d love to be able to automate this but don’t even know if it’s possible. Thanks!

Out of the box it is not. You could try HTTP POSTing to something like Zapier and using their integrations to something like eDocs or whatever else they integrate to. The only other option would be for an API developer to custom create a solution for you.

Another option that we use for exactly how you are describing, @Priscilla_Hoover is to use Parsey and their DocuSign integration. If you are collecting data through an Infusionsoft form, a Parsey http post sends the data to DocuSign where it is added to a document that you map the areas in your doc to the Infusionsoft fields. API goals can also be set up in a campaign so that you can run actions off of Viewed, Signed, etc.

These things don’t come easy to me so if I can set them up, anyone can :slight_smile:

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What version do you use Cheryl?

@Priscilla_Hoover, you’ll need to have a Professional Plan for Parsey. And you’ll need the Business Pro version of DocuSign. Hope that helps!

Yes it does, thanks.