Best Third Party document integration provider

Hey Everyone this is Michael Greer with Vault Entertainment and I am looking for a third-party company that provides document integration with Infusionsoft. I currently have contracts and skeleton proposals that I would like to have auto populated for each contact whenever I am working on an opportunity.

Also once a customer has request a proposal/quote can the proposal/quote be implemented into an email templet that the customer can click to accept or deny and then with a reason box for why they might have declined it. Then have this information auto populate a contract that then sends to them with payment options to pay online?

I hope I have described this the way that I see it in my head!

Thanks in advance

Hi Michael, you might want to check out this Parsey integration with Docusign, that could help with obtaining contracts and proposals from your prospects.

I don’t know if it can also facilitate payments, but something like Fortapay might be able to handle that.


Hi Michael,

You might want to consider getting a solution custom developed. It sounds like you have very specific requirements, and trying to make this work in a bunch of pasted together pieces of 3rd party software might be more headache than it is worth. There are ways to do proposals, quotes, and payment links built into Infusionsoft Opportunities. I would probably either decide to try and work inside the box, and change my methods to fit, or simply custom build my exact requirements if I were you.