New to infusionsoft - looking to integrate quoting

Whats up everyone? I’m Deland with Dave Bang Associates in Mesa AZ. We sell playgrounds, site furnishings and park equipment. I would love to hear if anyone is using or knows of a way to integrate quoting and project management into infusionsoft. We have a ton of SKUs and construction installation that goes into a quote. Can we do this with Infusionsoft?


IS isn’t centered around PM but rather the contact record, so PM management isn’t really an easy fit. That being said, you may wish to track steps in progress using opportunity records, but to use more than one on a contact at a time takes some custom coding to make happen since campaign builder would not otherwise know which to use…that is, unless you wish to manually address each personally rather than automatically. As to quotes, there are no api functions that would give access to them as of yet. They are relatively new so api exposure hasn’t yet been provided. The best you can do with the api in regards to quotes at this time is to use orders to simulate that.

Thanks @John_Borelli.

I see that I can “add quote” through a contact. I think this will cover some of what I want to do. Do you know of any 3rd party software that will integrate with Infusionsoft so we can customize the fields and add all of our SKUs? We have thousands.

Our industry is probably closest to a construction company or a builder. We have a lot of detail we need to include in a quote.


Good Afternoon Deland,
I have found that there are definate ways to bring automation to even any form of construction based companies. If you would like to discuss ways, reach out at 1-306-700-4447 or email me at It would be great to connect.