Project Management for Construction Company

Hi, I am a new user of Infusionsoft and have created everything that I need for pipeline automation. The problem we are running into now is incorporating scheduling for our clients. We want to be able to use the Infusionsoft platform for this aspect as well, does anyone have recommendations? Integrations? or examples of you manage this while using Infusionsoft?

Thank you all in advance!

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Infusionsoft can manage the workflow of projects as far as the communication of those things goes, and you can track actions and steps in that process using tags and opportunity records, but it’s really a patch work approach to something that is a specialized subject. IS isn’t a project management package and it would take a lot of unconventional setup and work with IS to “force it” to be. So in light of project management, I would consider an actual PM app and then look at what integration with Infusionsoft would look like. I personally like teamGantt but they don’t have options for allowing integrations. I’m an integration developer so that was a big let down. There are other PM offerings that do provide robust api/integration options. Since IS is centered around the contact (which could have multiple projects tied to it), you would almost have to have individual unique contacts assigned to each project just to represent that…and that could get complicated and messy :wink: So using IS for relationship management and PM software for project management would be my advice.

Thanks for your advice, I will look into some project management software

What is one of the PM Apps or integrate-able software programs you recommend. #1?

I hear a lot of support for Trello and we’re actually looking at switching to teamwork because the one we’re currently using, while good, doesn’t have options for me to write code for integrating to other products (like Infusionsoft). Then for Office365 users, there’s the option of their suite of tools working together, Teams, Dynamics, Bookings, Outlook and Sharepoint all working together and Flow that allows for pretty much any integration using any of their services. It’s a powerful platform if one knows all the available options and features.