Project Management Software

Is there anyone using a PM software that integrates with InfusionSoft that you’d recommend?

Cindy :smiley:

I don’t think I’ve seen that many that directly integrate with IS but I know that Zapier provides some integrations from PM’s to IS. However, the key component is that IS itself is not a PM and therefor only has a certain amount of the information and processes to map to. So the question is, what do integrations include or involve. If, for example, a PM integration only copied contact data to IS then that really isn’t a PM to IS integration per se. That’s where some research would have to be done.

Thanks John…

We are looking to create Estimates/Proposals while onsite at the Clients project location.

It’s be great to send Invoices as well - I notice we can do “it” in Infusionsoft but quite limited on the data that we can send (and the atrosions formatting LOL).