Any Recommendations on PM Software?

Looking for recommendations on Project Management Software…

Would LOVE if it also had a Mobile App…But I’m not picky!!

Thanks in advance!!

Asana is one favorite of many. They don’t have an api yet and don’t integrate with IS though, which was an issue for us anyway. There’s another that I’m forgetting that does integrate with Infusionsoft and I see a lot of posts for Basecamp (not sure if they natively integrate with IS or if it’s through Zapier though).

If they integrate with Zapier I’m Golden!

That’s one system as I continue to learn more, there are some amazing automation and I’m still in “Beginner” mode LOL

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I’ll find one!! Apparently it’s now (understandably) became one of my Top 3 Priorities!

I’ll letcha all know how it goes!


My team uses Wrike. It is very user friendly and has plugins for Adobe CC, MS Office, Outlook, and Chrome.

You just made my DAY!!!

I was leaning towards Wrike, truthfully – I liked the fact they respected my schedule – Not calling me every 20 minutes, sending
me emails that were obviously automated (I realize we’re in the business of automation, but I strive to make sure our Client’s feel they are the only recipient of said email…).

My simple request of let me “poke around” your system a bit (we all learn differently) and I’ll reach out with my questions.
THEY respected that!

That alone had me sold without building out the system I envision.

MOST of the other companies (not all) called me as SOON as I hit the submit button – That only made me delete even considering
them. This type of system will be an ongoing relationship and I want it started on the right foot.

If I may ask, what industry are you in?

Thank you, Mr. Well; for taking the time to write this – I really do appreciate it!








I am the marketing team manager for a practice management consulting agency. Our company helps attorneys learn how to build and grow successful practices. My team has multitudes of tasks and projects (articles to write, email campaigns to build, webinars to create and promote, web and graphic design, website updates, etc.), and Wrike helps me keep them all tracked and moving toward completion. I communicate with my team via Wrike for updates on their progress. It has practically eliminated “project management by email” for me.

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