Create and send a contract for digital signing

It looks like this STILL requires tons of third party integration.

We send only 2-5 contracts per month. Currently, the process is to open a Word file with the contract in it, re-type info from the Infusionsoft/Keap contact record into Word, save as a new file, then upload the new contract to Adobesign for signature. Takes too long and too prone to errors.

Surely, by now there’s an easier way to integrate? If Infusion could just easily integrate with a Word document, it would save a step, but even that seems impossible, right?

Best ideas, anyone?

That’s a far more complicated task than one might think and I don’t think there has been much expressed demand for it (the word doc integration). There are work ups that people have done for document services like docusign and pandadoc and I believe there are a number of options that Zapier can offer as well.