Downloading a PDF from a button

Hi there,
I’d like to add a button to a landing page, where customers can click a button to download a PDF doc of our Terms and Conditions, Credit Application, etc. Any tips on how to upload the docs into IS? I don’t want to send them to another page to another website page.
Thanks, Adrienne

Hi @Adrienne_McGovern,

Thought a vid might be easier to explain this with…

NOTE: in the video I had the ‘My Files’ tab selected and that would require the user login to view/download the file. Select the company tab and it will then be available without someone having to login.

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@Adrienne_McGovern, if you are using Infusionsoft’s new landing page builder, you can also configure the button download “Action” to find your file by name if that’s easier than looking for the download URL. Same outcome, just a few steps less.

@John_Borelli you are a star. Thank you so much for the video. That was exactly what I needed. I now have a landing page with T&C’s, credit application form, and an EFT payment form. Fantastic! I really appreciate you taking the time to step me through that.

Regards, Adrienne.

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Anyone know why when you do the above, the PDF downloads on a computer, but won’t open on a phone?

All of my ads are mobile and I want people to be able to open my pdf in a new tab on mobile. But now when the button is clicked on mobile, instead of opening the PDF, it jumps to IFS’s login page and asks for login details which is strange.

Thank you

The link is for a download only and phones don’t provide the permissions in their operating systems to allow the download. To have one that opened in a web browser, you would need to host it on a server and just reference the file (assuming the phone used supports the pdf format … most do)