Data Link on Unsubscribe Options

When someone goes to the page to choose their unsubscribe options at the bottom of the page under “Revoke Permission” it says “All personal data not legally necessary will be erased.” and has a link for “more information” that link goes to the IFS Data Privacy page - Even though I recognise this maybe a legal requirement for IFS it is a very confusing page for a lay person. It does not refer to the company they are dealing with at all which I think would be confusing on its own, and even to the readers as being the Data Controller, which feels incorrect to me and I feel even more confusing. Are we able to change this link to our own (individual company) Privacy Policy or Data Update page? Or can we not include our Privacy Policy on this page as well and make it clear to the reader what each link refers to?

Do you have the GDPR setting enabled in your app? I don’t think this comes up for everybody?

Yes, sorry I should have clarified that this is part of the GDPR setting.

So then you won’t be able to change the wording there. They made it as limited and restrictive as possible to ensure compliance.