Add type to EmailAddStatus for Revoke permission opt-out (GDPR)

Currently there is no way to tell if a member did a regular opt-out or the new GDPR Revoke permission opt-out by looking at the type parameter of the EmailAddStatus table. They both are set as “manual”. Would it be possible to add an additional type so we can discern if the member opted out with the new GDPR option? This would go a long way in helping us automate some of our back-end processes for GDPR.

Hi @Mike_Krenitsky, when a contact is erased using the GDPR functionality, all references to it and its email address are removed from the system so I don’t believe we would be able to indicate that it was opted out for GDPR reasons.

We do have a rest hook that can tell you when a contact is redacted (contact.redact is the event key) but you would have to keep track of which email address is linked to which contact on your end in order to know.

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for your reply. Two things:

I’m getting the error “ERROR: 10 - [NoFieldFound]No field found: Contact.Redact” when I try to return a redact field from the API.

Secondly, the ‘manual’ opt-out setting is getting set before the member is erased. There is a choice on the “We’re sorry to see you go” modal that let’s a user inform us that they’d like to be forgotten (Revoke permission to use any of my personal data). The member’s data is not erased until an administrator manually clicks the erase button on the member’s record. I am looking to discern between the 2 options the user has to “opt-out”. See attached screen shot.

Sorry for the confusion, the contact.redact string I mentioned is the event key for a REST Hook, not a field that’s available on the contact resource. This hook is fired when a contact is erased from the system for GDPR reasons.

I’m not super familiar with the unsubscribe reasons and the difference between a regular unsubscribe and a GDPR one. I will forward this on to the appropriate product manager to review as it sounds like this would possibly need to be a new feature.

Hi @Nicholas_Trecina, I have also started to come across issues with GDPR Removed Contacts as well.

The practical solution would be put in a new “GDPR” column in the “EmailAddStatus” table.
This would allow querying to be possible so that we can handle these type of Contacts more accordingly.

In my situation, if I attempt to add the contact back in I get a GDPR failure message. This is the only solution I have to check things. The REST Hook approach is not ideal, because you have to keep a track of the responses, which is not always 100% full proof either. The querying method would be better.