Customer Lifetime Value Report not reporting accurately

I have 48,000 contact in my Infusionsoft application. When I run the Customer Lifetime Value Report on people that haven’t purchased anything (0 to 0 or even 1 to 2) I get 1,437 contacts and when I do a search on people that have purchased between 1 and 20,000 I get another 4,734 contacts. There is no change if I leave the date range blank or put in the lifetime of my database. So where are the other 40,000 contacts? Is there any way I can get reliable purchase data out of Infusionsoft or do I assume that if they don’t come up in the search in the 4,734 contacts that have purchased anything that then they haven’t purchased anything?

The reason I want to know this is I want to delete all my contacts that are unengaged for more that six months and haven’t purchased anything. There is no report that produces this that I can find because the Customer Lifetime Value Report is in the E-COMMERCE reports and the Email Status Search is in the MARKETING reports and neither of these reports allow me to find contacts that are unengaged for more that six months and not purchased anything. I know that Infusionsoft is getting big on list heath so it would be good if there was a way that I could report on and also create actionsets that allow me to automatically delete contacts that meet certain unresponsive statuses so that they are removed from my list. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, I don’t know why the Customer Lifetime Value Report won’t find contacts that haven’t purchased anything but I have found out how to search for contacts that are unengaged for more that six months and haven’t purchased anything with the help of my plus this integration.

PlusThis has a feature that will work out the customer total spend value and store it in a contact’s custom field… AND… I can display that custom field on my search results and search on it with Infusionsoft’s Email Status Search report.

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Thanks, @David_Heatley. I’m glad you found a solution. PlusThis is pretty amazing. I pinged Support about that report so they can check it out and get back to us.

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Thanks @martinc.