Have unsubscribe and hard bounces always counted against contact limit?

Perhaps my memory is just plain wrong or I am mixing up Infusionsoft with another company’s policy… has it always been the case that unsubcribed/opt-out and hard bounces always count toward your contact limit (number of records allowed)? I see other vendors such as Active Campaign do not count these against your contact limit. I will reach out and chat with support to ask directly. For some reason I thought this was the case with Infusionsoft.

Any contact in the system, regardless of status, counts toward your total contacts.


Thanks Jeff. Chatted with Tech Support and they shared this as well. Oh well.


If you’re looking to manage the number of contacts for this reason, which many do consider doing, I’d just be sure to do an export first. It is, after all, important historic data that might help you sometime down the line :wink: