Does Infusionsoft count unsubscribed contacts toward my billed total?

When someone opts out so they are unsubscribed from all lists, do they count toward the number of contacts we are allowed to have at our subscription level? So, if I am allowed 10,000 contacts but there are 300 opt-outs on the list, do those 300 count toward the 10,000? Or are they deducted from the total because I cannot send them messages?
I’m wondering because we are legally required to keep opt outs in the db, but it seems unfair that we would be forced into higher subscription levels as they accumulate over the years.

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Answering my own question after a bit of research. Yes, the opted-out contacts on your list count toward the total number of contacts you can have at your subscription level.

You can delete the opted-out contacts (Classic Infusionsoft: How to Locate And Remove Opt Out) without concern. According to their help chat, “You do not have to keep those contacts. Infusionsoft wouldn’t let you send to them anyway, it would prevent the emails from going out…
If you delete them and then were to re-add them, the contacts would have the same email status as the last time they were in the database.”

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@Jarod_Carter - great self answer, exactly what I’d have told you :slight_smile:

Now a slight aside, why are you legally obliged to keep them in your database? There might be alternatives to that.