Report to see how many new weekly subscribers?

Hi there.

Is there a report I can run that will be able to count how many new users were entered/subscribed to our Infusionsoft database within a given time frame. Also, is it possible to see how many people have unsubscribed/opted out within that same time frame?

Thank you in advance.

Seconding Hillary’s question - I’m trying to find a way to email daily/monthly reports of:

  1. The number of subscribers that have been added to specific tags
  2. The number of opt-outs/unsubscribes/spam reports etc.

So far the only method I’ve found just emails a text list of contact records generated form a saved search (that truncates at a certain point)? Which is extremely cumbersome and doesn’t provide the needed breakdown/summary of information. (Unless I’m just setting that up wrong?)

Thanks for any help with this.