How to handle "Complaints"

Hi there,

I am a little new to Infusionsoft, however my enquiry is based on the “Complaints” section on the Dashboard.

I have gone in and given a reason for the few complaints that we receive however I don’t understand exactly where they come from and also how to prevent them.

Is there a maximum amount your allowed compared to how many you send…???
Is there any way to protect ourselves as we are not using anyones information who hasnt given us permission…

Thank you,

Hey Emily,

There is a guideline that Infusionsoft expects you to follow regarding email compliance and complaints…I used to be the email compliance manager at Infusionsoft for over 2 years and I would be more than happy to give you some clarity on things so you can ensure you stay in their good graces…It’s a little more complicated to explain so I’d love to schedule a 30 minute call to explain things more in depth…If you are interested here is my calendar link:

Otherwise here are the short answers:

Complaints come from the emails you send out to people and them choosing to unsubscribe and report you as spam by either doing it through their email or the email provider by using the spam button…

The threshold Infusionsoft allows is 1 complaint per 1000 emails sent out…so it’s very strict and you need to make sure people are not complaining too much…

There are things you can do to help spam complaints:

Periodically cull the list for unengaged people
Get explicit permission by using organic collection methods
Send a double opt in to people that are new signups
There are more as well, but I will explain on our call…

I hope this helps…if you have any other questions, let me know and I will gladly assist…Take care!


Hi Emily,

Welcome to Infusionsoft!

Just wanted to clarify Chad’s information below - you’re allowed up to 1 complaint per 1,000 emails sent per provider. For example, if you send a broadcast to 10k people, 5k to MSN & 5k to AOL, you’re allowed up to 5 complaints at MSN and 5 complaints at AOL. This is the standard threshold set by the providers. The broadcast report doesn’t break down the number of complaints per provider, so keep in mind that number is total complaints.

As for where they come from and how to prevent them, it’s extremely important to not only gain permission, but to set expectations at opt-in and then ensure those expectations are met. Something we see often are people opting in for a monthly newsletter, but then begin to receive weekly emails. Permission was initially obtained, but not for what was actually sent.

Going forward, it also helps to clean your list via List Hygiene or Automatic List Maintenance which can be found in the Help Center to ensure you’re only emailing those that are active, engaged, and still interested in your content.

Another helpful tool in the broadcast report - you can click the number of unsubscribes, and add the columns ‘Opt Types’ & ‘Opt Notes’. Recipients that unsubscribed may have left you a note as to why they were no longer interested. This feedback is extremely valuable since it comes directly from your recipients and it can help you to make adjustments to your marketing to decrease complaints and unsubscribes.

Hope that helps!

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