Customer Lifetime Value Report


I am trying to pull a CLTV report from IS which rests under Ecommerce Report. I only get 48.9K contacts in there, where in reality I have more than 400K emails in IS. Why is there a discrepancy in the customers in Customer Lifetime Value report vs a Contacts report?
I also checked if its only considering people who have purchased something. but I can see contacts with $0 paid in the CLTV report.
So I am really confused on how these contacts are being shortlisted.


Hi Yusuf
Hope you are doing great! I just came across your query in this forum.

Have you got a solution for your problem?If not, I can build a program for you that can generate a CLTV report in a CSV format for all Data and you can reuse the same Program in future whenever you like.

Please connect me with Skype “tikumishra.tikumishra”.