Prospective client numbers low

I sent out my first email today. When I went to look at the number of customers I had 613 in the database. The only tag I used was “prospective” and got 340. is that right?

That’s quite a difference.

Did they bounce? Are they marked as engaged?

Can you do a search under Contacts where the only variable is the Contact Record Tag “Prospective” and see how many are returned?

Let’s start there.

thanks! i’ll check it out;

Let me know if you need help running that report

can you tell me how to run the report? this is my second week using infusionsoft

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Wanted to follow up and see how you’re doing?

Did this help or are you still showing a difference in what is queued vs what was sent out?


No. It’s working. I think it was the operator! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

LOL - Yes, I have quite a few Operator Errors!

But also, don’t sell yourself short - Sometimes we feel like it MUST be something we are doing wrong when most of us are sitting back wishing someone else would ask the question.

Don’t be shy in this group! I would NEVER have gotten the help I needed (and continue to use) without the amazing people in this group and the Facebook group!