Sales Report Not Showing - Number of Purchases/Total Spend


Has anyone had the experience with the sales reports where the Number of Purchases AND Total Value are not shown. I need to run reports with specific focus on these elements and most specifically the number of purchases is important.

BUT it never shows in the report! It’s always recorded within the ORDERS tab, so the information is there, but never shows in the report.

Any thoughts on this are appreciated.



Maybe use the customer lifetime value report instead? (might need to modify what rows you still want)

Hi John, yes tried that, but the focus of the report is sales, and despite focusing the dates on a calendar month it gives me different numbers than the sales report.
Not sure which one to believe.
Will keep looking. thanks

So the life time value report doesn’t default to the same date range as the sales reports (sales reports default to the first of the month to the current day) but lifetime value is lifetime value. So if you edit the date range in the lifetime value report then it should just show numbers for invoices for the past 30 days (assuming that’s what you specify of course) or whatever date range you might pick. To do a comparison use the same date range as the sales report?