All Sales Itemized Report & Payments Report - Misleading Results when Criteria Selected

All Sales Itemized Report
When searching for product sales, the product price field is showing the invoice total amount and not the sale amount for the product searched.
2 products purchased on the one invoice …
invoice Total and paid amounts $75.00 correct
$10 is the product I searched
$65 is the product I didn’t search
Both product names show in the Product name field (great, as this provides info as to why invoice Total is more than product sale amount, actually presently it provides the alert to check that invoice for the actual sale amount of the product I am extracting the report for)
The product price (more correctly product sale amount?) should show the sale value of the product I was searching for (only part of the Invoice Total) ???

Payments Report with criteria selected to search product is similar …
Sale Total amount is pretty clear = Invoice total
Pay Amount could easily be mistaken for the sale amount for the product being searched (selecting the product name field to be included in the report once again highlights that there is more than one product sold on that invoice). I know this is a Payments Report and as such the Pay Amount is the total amount paid on the invoice. This report is great for establishing method of payment, credit card country of origin for foreign sales, any returns, etc. However, I’m yet to locate an available field for a customized column to show the correct sales amounts for the product I searched in the first place?

Currently in both instances, without having the product name field included in this report people would have no idea that the amounts shown include sales values other than the product they searched. The present fix for this is to do manual adjustments in an extracted report after searching the sale detail for each invoice that contains multiple products … sort of defeats the purpose of a sales report with selected criteria to a degree? What’s a concern is people are basing business decisions (commissions, etc) on incorrect sales results they probably don’t realise have other sale amounts included?

Be great to have this have an alert for this on the reports or the reports updated.

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You sound like you might benefit from the Sales Totals (By Product) Ecommerce report in your sales evaluations. That report however also has limitations, namely, the only money value column available is “Amt Sold” and contains all orders, including unpaid, refunded, and credited/discounted orders. The number may be inflated over actual payments received for those orders.

When it comes to actually getting any kind of cash collected report, especially for specific products or group of products, I find the reports available woefully inadequate. I have to determine the total amount of money collected for the sale of groups of certain products twice a year, because these groups are under a profit sharing contract. We owe a percentage of every sale. Naturally, we don’t want to count products that aren’t included in a particular group (the All Sales Itemized Report), nor do we want to count credits, refunds, unpaids, and discounts either, which are all included one way or another in all reports. There is no clear report that sifts all this out and shows only cash money collected. I’ve elevated this to a direly needed feature request from the support line many times.

I have to run multiple reports and manually tabulate the amount I have to take off the bottom line so that we don’t over pay the profit share. It’s stupidly time consuming and frankly shouldn’t be a problem at all.

As to warnings, they are desperately needed! I discovered after several years of using infusionsoft that we’d been overpaying the profit shares because I was unaware that things like refunds and discounts were ending up in the bottom line. In my first use of credits for subscriber items last month, I found that those show in payment reports. Seriously, in designing these reports did no one consider that actual cash money collected matters? Why is there no “cash reports” or “cash payment” column?

I obviously don’t know your specific needs for your reports, but be wary about any exactitude with any of the IS reports, especially if those reports are going to be used to determine any vital business operation. To reiterate, it’s not that the reports will give you false numbers, but rather that the counter-intuitive nomenclatures, inclusions of various items like credits and refunds, and a lack of focus on actual money collected (which is all that really matters in the end) can lead you to gravely misinterpreting them.