Need a "Net Income by Product" report with Product Name and Number Sold columns

You can make a report that shows you net income by product. How this benefits me at the moment is that it allows me to see total order placed for products and total amount of payments collected for those products (sometimes these differ because of declined cards, failed shopping cart orders, and non-payment on invoices).

The problem is that the only column to show you what products they are is “Product description”. It’s a bit weird because this column is actually:

[product name] - [price] - [product description]

There’s no separate column for Product Name, SKU, or even Product ID. This is a minor inconvenience, as I can just change the lines, but if I had hundreds of products, it would be a serious hassle.

The bigger issue is that there’s no column for the number sold. I need to know the amount paid AND the number sold. It would be nice to get these in 1 report. Is there a single report where I can get this?

I see Sales by Product is close, but it doesn’t show the vital “Amount Paid” column. Only the “Sale Amount” column. If I try to use this with the Net Income by Product report, the number sold column includes the bad orders that haven’t paid.