How to run a daily report of payments

I need to run a daily report of all payments received by contact name, amount and product. How do I do that?

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Go to Ecommerce - Reports - All Sales Report
Put in your date range — that will give you what you are looking for.



I can’t say @Jeff_Arnold has directed you correctly. For payments, you run a payments report. In the main menu, under Ecommerce, click Reports. Then examine the three “payments” reports offered. Those are:

  • Monthly Payments
    This report shows all money that was collected (grouped by month).
  • Daily Payments
    This report shows all money that was collected (grouped by day).
  • Payments Report
    This report shows all payments that were made.

There are limitations to running a payments report and getting product granularity. For example, if a customer orders both Product A and Product B in a shopping cart order and pays for both in a single payment, then you run a payment report showing only payments for Product A, the report will show the total payment amount, not the individual amount for just Product A. A further issue that you should be aware of is that credits and refunds are technically “payments” and are represented in the reports. If you have given credits and refunds, these will affect the total tally at the bottom of the report.

The “All sales” report will show you everything there’s a record for, which includes all unpaid, failed, discounted, etc. sales orders. In the technical sense, a “sale” is a promise to purchase, not an actual transferring of funds (which is a “payment”), thus it will include all invoices, whether paid or unpaid, refunded invoices, and also will not show discount or credit amounts. In short, if you’re trying to get to actual cash collected, the All Sales report will only frustrate you.