How do I generate a refund report?

Hey all, searching in Ecommerce Reports for how many refunds were issued last week. Seems like it would be under Payment Reports with selecting “refund” for pay type. IS Support was insisting I should be checking All Sales Reports for this info. Can someone help me out here? This seems like it should be pretty straightforward.

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Yeah, I’d use the Payments Report, with the date range criteria of last week, and then the pay type (under misc criteria) set to Refund.

I just tested in my own app and this worked for me!


Hi Chris, as Greg stated you can use the Payments Report. You would only want to use the “Pay Type” column and not the “Return” Column.

You also have the option of using the Monthly/Daily Payments reports that would group the returns for you.

Using these reports you can click into a specific date to see all the actual orders that were refunds.

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Thanks helpful!
And does the value in the Return column matter? I have 1 row with the value of “None” and unsure why this is different than the others.


Great thanks Greg