Transaction Logs

How can I pull a report of every transaction or activity that happened for a particular day (i.e. orders, new contacts added, cancellations, etc…)

It seems you may need to run a few different reports in the system, and possibly save them. This should allow you to possibly create some quick ‘at-a-glance’ dashboard widgets for simple reporting.

I would be curious to see if some of our community members may have some good pro-tips on how to set up some wide view reporting, though.

Hmmm, unfortunately that’s not really possible. You’d have to set up a whole bunch of saved searches & reports and put them on a dashboard widget (or a few). The problem is, many of those reports don’t allow for a dynamic date range. So, you’d have to udpate the dates every day. Not very feasible. You could have API code written to bring all this data to you each day.

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Seem we were on the same page Tyler, saved searches of a range of reports would be a potential solution, but you may run into some reports that will not allow you to create a ranged or ‘rolling’ report.

Yeah, this isn’t a “one click you’re done” answer. You can create a dashboard widget with the summary of the saved searches that @James_Mefford and @Tyler_Garns mentioned to see things at a glance but to see each segment of data, the saved searches will be your go to. Depending upon the need, you can also create an rss feed that you can gather information using the api with and report on the dashboard as well…that’s the best I got anyway.

Thank you so much for the fast responses. Maybe if I tell you specifically what I want to find, it will help. I want to know on a specific day, how many new people purchased a specific subscription, how many people were rebilled for their subscription, and how many people cancelled their subscription. Any thoughts on this? I’m happy to pull multiple reports, I’m just now sure how to access that data.