Custom Field Time Stamp

We created a custom field inside the contact record. The custom field is a drop down box with three selections - the selections are our classifications of a prospect. Is there a way to time stamp when a selection is assigned? We want to be able to track how many days a prospect is assigned a certain classification.

Thanks for any help/ideas!

How is the custom field being populated?

If someone is just simply making the selection from the contact record, then you’d have to manually add a note indicating that it was updated.

But if the custom field is being populated in any other way (Internal form, external form, landing page, API, etc), then you could automatically apply a time and date stamped note indicating the selection had been made.

Hope that helps!

Hi Greg, I have a question on similar lines. I want to create a custom field for call outcome, where the sales team will update the outcome of their calls. I want a time stamp field to know for how long a contact was sitting on a particular call outcome before it was moved out of it. This time stamp is needed as a field so that I can pull out a report from the system.

Hi Udit,

You could use PlusThis for that, they have a feature that allows you to calculate the time between two events: