Can you pull a custom field while querying the Contact Group Assign table?


I am querying all contacts from the Contact Group Assign table that have a certain group ID.

Is there a way to pull a custom field from those contacts or is that only available with the Contact table?

Here are some of my query parameters using Python XML-RPC:

table = 'ContactGroupAssign'
selectedFields = ['ContactId', 'DateCreated', 'Contact.OwnerID']
query = {"GroupId": 8122, 'DateCreated': "~>=~" + str(last_60_days)}

I can see the name of the field I want is Contact0_EdocsSignedOn0.

I have tried adding it to the end of the selectedFields list as Contact._EdocsSignedOn0 and Contact.EdocsSignedOn0 but having no luck.

Is this possible?


tags and custom fields are going to take separate api calls no matter how you approach it. You cannot do both at the same time because they are completely different tables and objects.