Creating new clients off of different billing/shipping information

Our company has a need to track the individual that something is purchased for, regardless of who actually made the purchase. Is there a tool or a hack that allows us to track who something should be for and add them as a client, rather than merely tracking the purchaser?

For example, we provide health tests that are highly individualized. We’d like to automate our system that regardless who purchased the test, we send e-mails to the lab companies which indicate who the actual client (testee) is and not who the purchaser is. We would then like to automate the system to then track that persons results and next steps, but can’t do so if it isn’t associated with the recipient of the tests instead of the purchaser.

While I understand we could do this manually, this would be quite cumbersome due to the volume we are expecting.

Any and all solutions welcome.


I would be curious to see what others may have for solutions for this. My mind heads to an integration like Parsey, that could take the shipping information, and turn it around and create a contact record in Infusionsoft, possibly.

My thought would be to use linked contact names. You can create a linked contact name for recipient and associate the provider with them by assigning them as a “recipient” linked contact to the provider. You would then be able to manage them specifically with tasks assigned to that type of linked contact.

Is this something I would be able to set up on our order form? I am fairly new to this software and am unsure of how I would go about linking recipients and whether that is something that can be done automatically or if it is something I would need to set up manually. Thanks!