Create Tag from Webform field to use in Automation Sequence

I would like to be able to add a New Tag (in this case a reference number) from a text field on the webform which a user fills in and be able to include this unique tag on an email to a contact via a predefined Automation Sequence.

Any assistance on how I can achieve this would be appreciated.


You can’t include a tag inside of an email, but if you’re capturing the data in a text field you could feed the field data into the email. Just use the merge option from the email builder and you can select ‘custom fields’ and choose that field as the one that you want to feed into the content of your email.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your reply Jeff,
I didn’t realise I could reference a textbox from a merge field so I’m going to give it a try and see where it leads.
I’ll post if it works for me as expected.

Yes, any actual field that you capture can be fed into an email.

Ahhh, OK, I just tried it and think I have discovered my potential challenge and reason why I thought tags on the fly might be a solution.

If I understand the process correctly, the data (in this case a Query Ref No) which I would like captured in the webform e.g. 2019abc123, will need to be added to an existing default or custom field. Thereafter it can be referenced in an email sequence via a merge field.

My challenge is that a contact may have multiple Query Ref No’s which will be referenced throughout various parts of different email sequences so, if the field value is changed on a subsequent form submission, all emails, including those already in a sequence will reference the changed field value which is undesirable.


  1. Consultant submits a Webform with Contact FName, Contact LName, Contact Email and Contact Query Ref No. details
  2. The “Web Form Submitted” initiates an email automation sequence to the Contact containing the Query Ref No in Subject and Body of a series of sequence emails based on decision diamonds
  3. Contacts may have multiple Query Ref No’s and be in multiple sequences simultaneously but there will only be one Query ref No per sequence they are in.

I hope that this better explains my scenario and that there is still a workable solution?