Displaying results of checkboxes in automated email?

I’d like to use a webform on a site that will collect information, including 4 checkboxes that asks the user what services they’re enquiry is regarding.

An automated email is then sent to me that includes various merge fields to display information entered into the web form.

What is the best way to display the results of the checkboxes? Since each box will apply a tag, I’m not sure how I can enter that information as a merge field into the email. Users can select more than one box or no boxes at all, what’s the best way to handle this?



You can’t feed tag into into emails. The easiest way to do this (if you need to feed data into emails) would be to create 4 custom fields - one for each answer. Then, after the form, run a four sequence decision diamond that says ‘if box 1 checked, go to this sequence’, etc. Inside each of those sequences use the ‘set field value’ and set the value of the custom field if they selected the corresponding checkbox. Then, have all of those fees to one sequence where you delay 1 min (to allow for automation to finish), then send yourself an email with all custom fields included. Only the options that they choose will then populate the email.


That’s what I thought I’d have to do. I think it’s better to just have 4 separate sequences instead of a decision diamond since more than 1 box can be ticked.

I’ll have to structure the email something like “Service: ~Service 1~ ~Service 2~ ~Service 3~ ~Service 4~”

If the box isn’t ticked, the field value will still be blank so the merge field will pull nothing. It’s not ideal formatting but it’d for internal use anyway.

Thanks for your help Jeff