How do I add a survey into an email that is in a sequence from an initial webform

Hi, Once someone signs a web form and goes into an e-mail sequence I would like one of those emails to contain a survey. How do I add that survey into such an email?

If the webform is in IS then the custom fields can be used in an email through merge fields. If the survey is done outside of IS then integration can update the custom fields and you would do the same in the email. Alternatively, if you are able to create a file or page that displays the values then you could provide a link in the email to that page/file.

John, Thank you for your answer. I was able to figure out how to link the survey into the email. Now the problem seems to be that even though they layout has a blue background and larger text in some areas, when it is sent out in an email, it has a red background and small text. Not sure why the code is not reading as it appears in the layout. Do you have any ideas?