Embed a web form in email?

I am looking to embed a web form or internal form within an email to my secretary. Is there a way to have it embedded and also auto populate the fields that are already current in our customers profile? Then when she submits the form, it will update the customers fields?

Thank for your help!

Hi Joshua:

Here is how you can do this. Use the formatting below to add parameters to your URL link. This will feed the data from IFS inside the URL and when they get to the landing page the data will be pre-populated. If there are other fields you want to feed over, just get the field names of those fields and use the same convention shown here. First one starts with a ? and the rest start with an &. These are all connected in string (it is line breaking on my screen, so I wanted to clarify that). No spaces can be inside the data or it will break the linking.

[URL HERE]?inf_field_FirstName=~Contact.FirstName~&inf_field_LastName=~Contact.LastName~&inf_field_Email=~Contact.Email~&addressLine1=~Contact.StreetAddress1~&city=~Contact.City~&state=~Contact.State~&zipCode=~Contact.PostalCode~&phoneNumber=~Contact.Phone1~

Hope that helps.


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Two things. Internal forms are not accessible outside of the UI (which is what makes them internal). A webform would be accessible to someone outside the UI. Also, It’s not that you can’t embed a form, but rather that email clients will not allow the code to run. If they did then you’d have more virus’ on your system then you could count. So for security reasons, emails are not allowed to run the code that would be needed to make that practical.

A solution might be to email her with a link to the webform that she could then modify the information on.