Inserting a form into an email

Feature request: the ability to have forms within the body of the email.

I wish there was a way to have a form within an email. I hate sending an email with a button/link to an external form.

I was wondering if, using the new landing page feature, I might be able to build a landing page and insert its html into the body of an email?

Hi Joanna. Please feel free to share some feedback with us at Include how you would utilize something like this in your feedback with us too.

As for why it is not currently a feature, most email clients have the ability to strip certain HTML from emails, before placing them in the inbox of the recipient. Webform code, strange HTML, and video embed code will most likely be stripped by every major (gmail, yahoo, msn) inbox provider.

Still, I do not want to discourage you from sharing feedback with us, and how something like this would benefit your business, as we are always working on new ideas based on feedback and use cases.

Oh! That makes a lot of sense. Darn. I hadn’t though about it from the perspective of the email provider and their ability to strip this data out. Thanks for the feedback!