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I want my coaching team to receive confirmation emails that have specific client names based on their tag. As an example: If a client signs up for a program, he / she have a tag applied. I want an email to go out to my staff that essentially says " John Doe has completed the program"…where “John Doe” is the contact name that has a specific tag associated. Any ideas?


Hey Greg:

That would just be a goal/sequence scenario where the ‘goal’ is the tag that is applied when they purchase the program.

Then, in the sequence, you would just send an email to the ‘owner’ (if that is the coach) and in the subject line, use the merge field option and insert "~Contact.Firstname~ ~Contact.LastName~ completed the program” (check the merge fields I typed in as they were from memory).

That will send the Client through the campaign and feed their name into the email via the merge fields.

If you want to send the email to more than one person (the ’team’), then just copy that email as many times as you need to send the email to each person on the team.

Does that help?


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Right. But isn’t ~contact.firstname~ ~Contact.LastName~ going to be that of who the email is going to, and not the client that has the goal tag?

No. It is the First/Last of the person to whom the tag was applied. So, if you are applying the tag to the client, it would be their info.

Quick video:


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Jeff - thank you so much! Taking the time to do a video to show me…so helpful. Appreciate it!

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@Jeff_Arnold - You totally rock