Tagging and notification email question

I am setting up a notification email (internal) so that when a tag is applied to a client file, the email is sent out notifying an employee of that particular client’s cancellation. How do I pull their contact information and have it included in the email notification automatically when the tag is applied? Is this even possible?

Hi, Priscilla. Is the employee the owner of the client’s contact record? If so, you can send an email (as part of the sequence connected to that tag goal) to the owner that includes all of the contact information.

Just change the To Address to the owner using the merge code in the image:


So, here’s what I want to do. Joe Smith is a client. His coach is Mary. If Joe cancels his membership I want to let Mary know. Can I set up a tag that generates an email to me AND to Mary saying “Joe Smith has cancelled his membership”.

@Priscilla_Hoover, if you want two people to be notified, you will need two emails sent like @martinc mentioned. If the coach isn’t the Owner, you could easily reserve Email 2 or 3 for the coach’s email and use the merge code in the To Email spot. Or you could create a custom field the same way. Obviously, the filling of those fields would need to have been done earlier. The email to you, since it’s not dynamic data can be configured with your name and email in the To Email area that Martin diagrammed above.

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