Combine campaigns

Over the years we have created several lead gen campaigns. Things have become disorganized and confusing.

It would be great if I could find a way to pull the multitudes under one umbrella campaign. Any thoughts or suggestions beyond rebuilding them?

I would suggest that you create one master campaign and start it with a Tag goal of “Start Master Campaign”. At the end of each of the lead of the lead gen campaigns, create a Tag goal goal and add the “Start Master Campaign” as the tag. Then, select all contacts that are in any of the campaigns and apply the Start Master Campaign tag.

That will pull them out of the Lead Gen campaigns and start your new Master Campaign.

If you are looking for a way to redirect all of your lead gen campaigns into one (for any incoming folks), create the master campaign (as above), but then, after each entry point for the old lead gen campaigns, simply run one sequence that just applies the Start Master Campaign tag and that will redirect all new people into your new consolidated campaign.



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It’s doubtful that you should, or that you would really want to, encompass all campaigns into one. Just the opposite in fact, you’d likely be better to break your campaigns down even further by major function/purpose. You could then send everyone through a feeder campaign that determines where they should then go based on tags and other criteria like custom field values, email client, date/time period, product purchased or information requested etc.

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