Can I add products via the API?

I’m using Driveworks to create “made-to-order” products. Can I add those via API or via a hyperlink? Each part would have a unique P/N.

Not with REST but with the standard API you can use the data object to add products to the Product table.

Are there help files that can get me a little more detail? I apologize but I am very unfamiliar at this point.

Thanks, Craig

XML-RPC documentation can be found here:

and the table documentation here:

You’ll need to use the Data object to access the tables.

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I have been researching this and I appreciate the references, John. Unfortunately, I am not having success. I am not a web developer or programmer, though I’ve had limited exposure and understand some of the basic concepts of programming.

I was under the impression that I would be able to implement this without much experience but I’m questioning that now. Can someone guide me through the basic steps of this process? Or are there resources for a “non-programmer”?

I’m using DriveWorks to configure a product, which I then want to be able to complete an order via Infusionsoft. DriveWorks has the ability to send an HTTP request or as it states from the DW help:

“The Send HTTP request Task, when applied, will send a REST request to a web service.

I can do something this simple, but if I have to create pages of code, I’m likely not going to be successful.
Am I attempting the impossible? Or are there resources for the “non-technical”?

Thanks for any and all assistance!

Hi @CWsink,

Programming concepts/understanding aside, integrations with Infusionsoft require a wide range of understanding in various technologies including the third party product involved. You won’t find a large number of developers that do custom integrations for this reason. You’re not so much attempting the impossible as attempting something that will likely cost you far more in your own time to gather and learn all that’s needed than it would to hire a developer to do it that already has experience and knowledge of those details. Just to illustrate what I mean, we did job assessments recently and to my surprise, I have learned 33 new technologies and protocols over the past 3 years just in creating custom integrations for clients. You don’t have 33 here but your needing to learn alot more than you may be aware of. So the question boils down to how much cost in your own time vs. cost for someone else to do it for you is there? There really is alot more to it than just placing some lines of code somewhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can fully appreciate what you’ve explained. My challenge is that the DriveWorks application is not a common application, so I typically don’t get much help when working with it. That said, are there developers that you would recommend?

I am one such developer. I looked at the website but see nothing regarding integration options which either means they don’t offer them or that information is private and accessible only by a logged in user. In your research, have you found that either is the case?

Maybe you’re a solution. Let me break down exactly what I need.

DriveWorks is a software that enables made to order designs of mechanical components. I’ve implemented this for a client using the DriveWorks Live application which makes the configurator available online. My client wants to enable customers to submit an order after configuring or designing their component. They already use Infusionsoft for client communication, so I’d like to utilize the ecommerce tools. The primary need is to be able to complete payment. If they still have to manually complete orders, that’s not a show stopper.

Is this something you could help me with? Thanks!

@John_Borelli just to be clear, I do mean contractual help, not charity :grinning:
To your question above, the information would require a login to DriveWorks. They don’t document integrations with specific apps, but rather they provide the functions needed for web services.

Hi Craig,

I sent you a PM on the forum here.

Going back to the initial topic, we actually should have a REST method for adding a Product available in next week’s release (assuming that nothing gets delayed).

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@TomScott has this been made available now? I am not able to see the method for adding a Product in the documentation.

We actually encountered some issues around the implementation, and one of my teammates is doing a rework on it now. Hopefully we’ll have it announced in the release notes soon!


While REST is being corrected for products, you can still create products using the standard xml-rpc api with the same access token you would use for REST. It would at least get you the functionality.

@John_Borelli, thank you; but my team and I have built a custom .NET SDK specifically targeting the REST API, so for the time being we’re staying away from hybridizing our approach. All of that being said, this feature is needed for our company to scale in certain areas with our application, though we aren’t really pressed to utilize the functionality yet. I’m looking forward to it though!


Has this been implemented already?
Did not see it on the product documentation.!/Product/createProductUsingPOST

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Thanks @TomScott. This is very Helpful!